WHAT IS THE BEST EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING SOFTWARE? It’s no secret that constantly changing technology is impacting every life field ..


It’s no secret that constantly changing technology is impacting every life field, including embroidery. In the past, most embroiderers made logos through hand embroidery, but things have changed now. It’s the era of digitized embroidery, where people use different embroidery digitizing software to create logos and other designs. However, if you’re new to the embroidery game, it’s natural to get confused with thousands of available options in the market. Here’s your guide to selecting the best embroidery digitizing software.

Why do you need a good embroidery digitizing software?

Many people might think that an embroidery digitizing software might not be necessary, but it’s not true. An embroidery digitizing software has many benefits, and selecting the best of the best will help you improve your embroidery like nothing else. Here’s why an embroidery digitizing software might be essential.


Whether you’re a beginner exploring the world of embroidery or a professional embroiderer, we understand that you look for tools and techniques that simplify your embroidery. A digitizing software will help you select any logo online, copy and paste it to your embroidery digitizing software and let it handle the rest!


Are you looking to start an embroidery business where you could outsource your pieces? An embroidery digitizing software is a must! If you’re using low-quality embroidery digitizing software, you have to do more stitches to make the required logo or design.

On the other hand, a good, high-quality embroidery digitizing software can reduce your stitch count, save thread, and help you give a more accurate estimation of every embroidery design. And, trust us, you’ll need as many methods to save money in an embroidery business as possible.


Once you’re done with easy embroidery designs, it’s understandable that you’ll want to practice further by creating complicated embroidery designs. But can you do it with low-quality embroidery digitizing software or no software? No! Doing technically challenging embroidery designs means that you need an embroidery digitizing software to help you from start to end.


Now that you know that you can’t survive in the embroidery industry without an embroidery digitizing software, it’s time for you to select one. However, many factors can influence your decision to select an embroidery digitizing software. Here are some of these factors.

What’s Your Personal Preference?

No matter how many times we ask someone to choose an embroidery digitizing software, they still might end up getting software they like. And that’s completely understandable. People have different preferences, and not everyone will like the same software brand.

You might get a graphics-industry-related embroidery digitizing software if you have a career or background in the graphics industry. On the other hand, people who work in the fabric, production, or machinery industry might select software that gives certain types of stitches or works well with multiple software.

How does the free trial period turn out?

Well, the best things in life rarely are free, and the same applies to various embroidery digitizing software. Almost all top embroidery digitizing software has a monthly fee, which you’ve to pay. But the great thing is that you usually get a free trial period, ranging from 1 week to 1 month, which can help you make the final decision.

Use the software as much as possible during the free trial period to determine its pros and cons, and see if it suits your needs. However, download the software through official websites and platforms only. You don’t want to get a virus or spend money on the pirated version of an embroidery digitizing software.

What do other people say?

One of the huge factors determining your decision to purchase an embroidery digitizing software is what other people say about it. Visit social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to see other people’s reviews about an embroidery digitizing software.

In addition, you can look for embroidery-based groups on different social websites or see software reviews on YouTube or from other bloggers to select the best embroidery digitizing software

What does a software offer at what prices?

The price of an embroidery digitizing software and its features still take the lead in the determining factors of selecting the best embroidery digitizing software. Before selecting an embroidery digitizing software, see what features it offers at what prices.

If you think you can’t afford the prices, especially if you’re a beginner, look at another embroidery digitizing software offering the same features at a much lesser price. Like we said before, the internet is filled with embroidery digitizing software, and you can easily find one that suits your needs and budget a hundred percent.

Does the software have a user manual or offers customer support?

The worst thing you can do is purchase an embroidery digitizing software that doesn’t offer proper customer support or comes without a manual. When using your embroidery digitizing software, there are many times when your software would make no sense! Even if it’s not a software glitch, embroidery beginners need a user guide for proper training to use embroidery software.

Therefore, you should always select an embroidery digitizing software with a training user manual to learn how to use it before embroidery. However, if the manual lacks information, you can contact the customer support team and let them sort out your issue. In addition, social media support groups and YouTube tutorials are also great ways to get the required training.

What are the most-used embroidery digitizing software?

As mentioned above, you would have numerous embroidery digitizing software to choose from as an embroiderer. Here are the pros and cons of some embroidery digitizing software. Go through them and choose wisely.

·       Hatch

With four different subscription plans, Hatch is one of the best embroidery digitizing software available in the market. This embroidery digitizing software has professional quality tools for both at-home embroiderers and embroidery businesses. However, its slightly complex mode of use and the high pricing might make it an unpopular choice for some embroiderers.

·       Chroma

Another intuitive platform for many embroiderers is Chroma. This software has a detailed instruction manual, alongside guiding webinars, providing excellent training to first-time users. However, some packages of Chroma aren’t compatible with every embroidery machine, and you might need to purchase the high-end version to get Chroma for every embroidery machine.

·       Embrilliance

If you’re looking for affordable embroidery digitizing software, this might be the one! Embrilliance is a long-standing, professionally-accepted software that many top manufacturers use to create embroidery designs. However, the software is difficult to understand, and many beginners might not get the training they need to start working on Embrilliance.

·       Brother

An embroidery digitizing software, especially for at-home embroiderers, Brother works for many sewing and embroidery machines. In addition, you can also get state-of-the-art cutting-edge visualization, perfect for beginners. However, the software is only available if you purchase it from dealers. You can’t purchase, install, or upgrade it online.

What’s the best embroidery digitizing software and why?

Well, before we declare any embroidery digitizing software as the best, let us tell you that not every software works for everyone, and you should find software that suits your requirements. As far as our opinion is concerned, the best embroidery digitizing software currently is Hatch. The manufacturer company of Hatch, Wilson, has spent three decades trying to create an innovative embroidery digitizing software, aka Hatch, and it shows! Here are a few things that set Hatch apart from other embroidery digitizing software.


Hatch comes with a full set of industry assisting tools that let you make changes to an embroidery design or do other things with a simple click. You don’t have to learn different stitching methods for different fabrics; as with Hatch, you can easily adjust the stitch properties and get the best result on any fabric.


Wilson has added many artificial intelligence features in Hatch, and their automatic assigning of stitch properties is one of them. These stitch properties include the length, count, density, size, underlay, etc. People, new to embroidery, absolutely dread setting all of these properties themselves in an embroidery machine, so Hatch takes care of it! Based on the dimensions of the embroidery design, Hatch sets the correct stitch properties.


Who doesn’t love an embroidery digitizing software that allows you to customize your fonts? We surely do, and Hatch lets us do that! Hatch uses ESA fonts, which means you can make any changes in your embroidery font. For instance, you can make the dot of an ‘I’ twice as bold or lengthen the curve of a ‘f’. Anything is possible when you’ve Hatch.


Despite the many factors we have discussed, what matters is that you select an embroidery digitizing software from a reputable brand with your desired features and quality customer support. Hatch is one of the best embroidery digitizing software, and we recommend using it before moving on to any other software. You can also try any other software and match its features with Hatch to determine which suits you the best! We hope this guide was useful and you find your dream embroidery digitizing software soon.

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