Embroidery Threads
Viscose Rayon

Candle Buraq Viscose Embroidery Thread is made from the finest raw materials. With its softness, lustre and flexibility, buraq is an ideal choice for beautiful embroidery. The superior construction and finish allows for exquisite machine performance and optimum stitch quality. Available in different thicknesses.


Candle Hadid is a polyester embroidery thread engineered to achieve excellent luster. Hadid has excellent sheen, strength and abrasion resistance. Characterized by superior chemical resistance, color, bleach and light fastness, this thread is suitable for embroidery in commercial and industrial applications. It offers a superior break-free performance on high speed embroidery machines.

Thread Bundles & Kits
Thread Bundles & Kits
Bundles and Kits

We take pride in working with our customers closely by taking their feedback and incorporating it to create products that are evolving to the needs of our customers while keeping our core values of quality, service and innovation intact in the DNA of our products. Among many other feedbacks, our customers conveyed us to make home embroidery threads bundle which can help them get started to try our amazing product lines. Hence, we created a bundle which carries all the essentials to get anyone started if they want to have a go with our products or want to make a gift for loved ones to surprise them on any occasion.

Best Quality Machine Embroidery Thread For Commercial Use

Even though it might seem that machine embroidery is all about design and colors but in reality, there are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to machine embroidery threads for commercial use. In order to determine which brand and quality will suit you best, you have to first ensure that you are aware of your commercial embroidery needs, the cost you want to follow and what are your options. One important consideration is cost when it comes to commercial embroidery threads; by that we don’t mean that cheap is good or expensive is always good. You have to experiment and find the most cost-effective company for your needs. Once you are aware of your requirements you can then choose to buy from wholesale or manufacturer directly. While wholesale is also good option but to be able to buy from them and still be cost-effective, you have to meet a certain minimum order quantity. When ordering directly from manufacturer, minimum order quantity will not be a problem and you will also be able to order online. Candle threads company with 40 years of experience, has been customer-oriented company since its inception. We prioritize the needs of our customers and ensure best quality products in terms of price, shades, innovation and cost effectiveness.

Top Embroidery Thread Supplier In The USA

Candle threads company has been working in yarn processing industry for 40 years and it has been able to keep its legacy of quality, service and innovation by delivering top of the line products. Being one of the top suppliers in USA, Candle threads is always ready to meet your needs and deliver instantly. If you want to place online orders, please contact us to get your products or home embroidery thread bundles delivered right at your door step