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Polyester Embroidery Thread - Product Details

Pulling out all stops, Candle Hadid Polyester threads underscore attributes of high abrasion resistance, phenomenal lustre and prime strength. Our Candle Hadid Polyester threads are curated for industrial and commercial applications by combining innovative and pragmatic properties of superior colour, bleach and light fastness while keeping prerequisite of high-speed break free performance at its core.

Benefits of embroidery with polyester thread

Both polyester and viscose rayon threads are widely used in machine embroidery projects due to their high strength and resistance to breakage. Polyester threads also have a glossy finish and come in a variety of colours, making them a versatile choice for the embroiderer. Polyester threads are generally considered more durable and resistant to bleaching in comparison to rayons and other threads making them excellent choice for commercial as well as small businesses.

Polyester threads have excellent tensile strength which makes them suitable for garments, home textiles and wearables like work wear, towels, outerwear, denim, beddings, etc. Items that may have to endure heavy bleaching should be embroidered with polyester threads to keep the aesthetics intact. However, it is always important to keep in mind that the end use of the product needs to be considered. Polyester is one of the most cost friendly options when you choose the best quality otherwise you will not be able to realize it’s excellent endurance and color fastness.

Best quality polyester thread manufacturer & supplier in the USA

Candles being a leader in embroidery thread world with experience of 40 years deliver the best-in-class polyester threads under its brand name Candle Hadid. Candle Hadid is our most successful product line which has variety of shades and millions of hues which can add pleasant aesthetic value to your embroidery projects while keeping the quality its highest priority.



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