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Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread - Product Details

Made of regenerated cellulosic fibers, Candle Buraq Viscose Embroidery Thread are the best-in-class, optimized to work seamlessly on machine ensuring softness, luster and flexibility all at once. Buraq threads are available in different thickness comprising high stitch quality and break free functionality.

Benefits of embroidery with viscose rayon thread

If you are novice or an expert, run a home-based business or a commercial company, our viscose rayon embroidery threads will provide you with excellent machine performance and superior stitch quality at higher densities. Our viscose rayon threads perform flawlessly because of low friction and no residuals at all resulting in lower machine maintenance and no down time. Lower machine maintenance and no down time also results increased profitability as well as good reputation with your customers because of on time deliveries.

Candle viscose rayon embroidery threads endow supreme color fastness for making them ultimate choice for pleasant and precise designs along with skin friendly products.

Our viscose embroidery threads are flexible hence they perform well in intricate designs. They also require lower tension in comparison to other threads hence they are gentle on machine parts which require less maintenance as a result.

In a nutshell, our viscose threads are all-rounders which perform exceptionally by giving design freedom to use any shade, stitch density and direction on from light to dense fabrics or materials. They also perform well by causing no breakage or looping on high speeds.

Best quality viscose rayon thread manufacturer & supplier in the USA

Capable of producing 100 million spools a year, Candle threads is a leader in innovation while producing the best quality threads in the world. We deliver around the world and have been working in yarn processing industry for 40 years. Buraq viscose has been our pride with over 600 new and core colors.



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