How to Select the Right Embroidery Thread Supplier for Commercial Use?

How to Select the Right Embroidery Thread Supplier for Commercial Use? In the past, embroidery threads were used to decorate different fabrics in houses. But wit ..

How to Select the Right Embroidery Thread Supplier for Commercial Use?

In the past, embroidery threads were used to decorate different fabrics in houses. But with the evolution of the fashion industry, embroidery is now a staple for multiple, large-scale industries. Garment manufacturers use embroidery threads to create gorgeous designs on different apparel, while accessory designers and manufacturers add threads and motifs to bags, hats, wallets, and even shoes. But that’s not all!

Small and large-scale brands that want to add their logos to different clothes and accessories also need to use embroidery threads, making embroidery an increasingly-popular practice in merchandise manufacturing. Additionally, textile manufacturers also add different embroidery designs to bed covers, sheets, cushion covers, pillowcases, and curtains. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that clothing and textile manufacturers need large and constant supplies of embroidery threads so they can keep on embroidery their designed products without any hassle.

Selecting the right embroidery thread supplier is as important as making another decision in the garment, accessory, or textile designing and production process. You need to pick up a supplier that meets all your specific requirements. Therefore, this article discusses how to select the right embroidery thread supplier for commercial use.

Step # 1 — Analyze Your Garment Company’s Needs

The first step in selecting the right embroidery thread supplier for your business is to analyze your specific needs. You need to determine what kind of products you will make on a commercial scale. Additionally, you and your business partners need to sit down and decide which embroidery machines you’ll use, what kind of embroidery techniques you want to follow, and what kind of patterns you will stitch on your garments or accessories. Based on all this information, come up with thread colors and materials that will be best suited for your processes, embroidery machines, and techniques.

For instance, if you want to add funky logos and designs to a child’s clothing line, you can opt for polyester threads in bright colors. In the same way, if you’re launching a luxury embroidered curtains line, select silk threads in various shades. Once you know what materials and colors you need in your embroidery threads, you can find the right embroidery thread supplier. The optimal supplier for your commercial venture would be the one that suits your personalized business requirements.

Step # 2 — Ask for Recommendations

Well, it’s no secret that you aren’t the first clothing or garment business that needs large supplies of embroidery threads. All around you, other people that add embroidery to their clothes, accessories, and textile products, also purchase embroidery threads from various suppliers. Therefore, if you’re confused about which embroidery thread supplier would be suitable for your business, it’s advisable to look around you for recommendations.

You can ask your family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, and more for any recommendations about the ideal embroidery thread supplier. Who knows; you might be able to come across an embroidery thread supplier that checks all the boxes.

Additionally, if your social circle doesn’t have any good recommendations, take some help from the internet. Head over to your local garment manufacturing groups or embroidery platforms and ask for suggestions. You will find a solid list of embroidery thread suppliers that can work for your garment or textile designing business.

Step # 3 — Always Opt for Locally-Based Embroidery Thread Suppliers

Embroidery thread suppliers are located all over the world; while some of them sell embroidery threads to businesses in specific areas, others ship embroidery threads all around the world. Many first-time garment manufacturers and small-sized fashion startups make the huge mistake of selecting an embroidery thread supplier that’s based overseas. While it can be tempting to choose an affordable supplier, based in another country, or select a supplier selling aesthetically appealing designs, based in a different state, you should always opt for locally-based suppliers.

Locally-based suppliers are not only more affordable than global embroidery suppliers, but they also make the process of embroidery delivery more hassle-free. If you hire a locally-based embroidery thread supplier, you won’t have to worry about your parcels getting late due to different international events. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on deliveries, especially if you need a specific embroidery thread urgently.

Embroidery threads shipped from a locally-based supplier are also less likely to be damaged during the shipping process. Additionally, you can get the threads changed in very less time if needed. Locally-based embroidery thread suppliers will also have the same business hours, making it easier for you to reach out to them whenever required.

Step # 4 — Set Aside a Budget (And Stick to It)

Once you have a list of some locally-based embroidery thread suppliers, you need to shortlist it to one or a couple of top embroidery thread suppliers. But aside from market reputation or other recommendations, how can you decide which embroidery thread supplier is right for your commercial venture? While you need to consider many factors, it shouldn’t be surprising that the most important factor is the price. In the commercial world, garment and textile manufacturers have a specific budget for all supplies.
Therefore, if you’re starting a garment business, and want to select an embroidery thread supplier, set aside a budget beforehand. Decide how much you want to spend on embroidery threads in the initial stage and stick to it while looking for a supplier. If you’re confused about setting the price, do a little market research to find out what’s the average cost of different types of embroidery threads.

Based on your budget and the average market price, you can find the optimal supplier. However, you can go a little over the budget if an embroidery thread supplier has unique embroidery threads in high quality. Even if you have to spend extra, don’t compromise on the material, strength, look, and color of an embroidery thread.

Step # 5 — Ask Many Questions

Whether you have some specific requirements to purchase embroidery threads or you want to avail a general embroidery thread package, communicate it with your embroidery thread supplier. Contrary to popular belief, open and honest communication matters a lot when selecting the ideal embroidery thread supplier. Your top choice for embroidery thread suppliers should be a retailer that answers all the questions you have about different types of threads and their commercial uses in an honest and upfront manner.

You can also ask other questions about how long an embroidery thread supplier has been working in the market and how often they supply threads commercially. We recommend selecting embroidery thread suppliers that have some experience in selling threads to commercial businesses. Additionally, always go for an embroidery thread supplier that agrees to customize threads for you on different occasions. You might need to personalize some items from time to time and you need a supplier that has your back all the way through.

Why is Selecting the Right Embroidery Thread Supplier So Important for Commercial Manufacturers?

Selecting the ideal embroidery thread supplier is one of the most important decisions you need to make before starting your garment, accessory, or textile manufacturing business. But why is this decision so critical? Let us answer this! Read to find out how selecting the right embroidery thread supplier can impact your business.

● An embroidery thread supplier is the backbone of your entire business, especially if you have never made garments or clothes commercially before. The ideal embroidery thread supplier can help you make clothes, accessories, curtains, sheets, pillow covers, and more for your customers, ensuring high customer satisfaction. If you use the right threads, your customers will keep purchasing from your business, boosting business growth.
● Besides building brand loyalty, the right embroidery thread suppliers will also help you make new customers often. Your loyal customers will love your embroidered products and recommend them to other people, which will encourage them to purchase attires, accessories, and textile stuff from your venture.
● The suitable embroidery thread supplier will allow you to get high-quality embroidery threads under one roof. Whether you need cotton threads for a sudden order or are looking for a rare color, your embroidery thread supplier will help you find it in no time.
● One of the biggest benefits of selecting the ideal embroidery thread supplier is that it allows you to meet deadlines. In the world of garment manufacturing, you’ll often have to make embroidered dresses on demand, which means you’ll need urgent supplies. Lucky for you, your embroidery thread supplier can get you the materials you need on time, so you never have to worry about missing a deadline.


Selecting an embroidery thread supplier is such a crucial decision that you can’t just close your eyes and hire the first embroidery thread supplier you come across. We hope that this guide was useful and will help you find an embroidery thread supplier that will allow your clothes manufacturing or embroidery business to reach new heights! Good luck!

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